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Avon Resumes vs. Write Right: Which Is Better Resume Writing Agency?


Are you not receiving interview calls? Don’t doubt your capabilities; doubt your resume! Indeed, your resume needs a change to fetch you some great interview calls. Because your resume lies with the employer much before you hence, your first impression should have a significant strategic point that persuades the employer to have you in the team; however, this is the power only a resume has! Are you wondering where you can get the perfect resume from? Well, there are innumerable resume writing companies out there, but the best jobs come with the best resume! Hence, you might not be willing to compromise even a pinch on this. Therefore, to help you out, we are here with the two leading resume writing companies the world has today. Needless to say, get ready to attend the best interviews with the help of the resume they prepare, and don’t forget us when you get your dream job! So, read the article ahead as it unfolds the top pick for you.

What is Resume Writing?

A resume is a formalized report that contains your professional credentials, such as industry expertise, abilities, qualifications, and noteworthy achievements. A resume assists you in showcasing prospective skills and persuading companies that you are competent and employable. The purpose of a résumé is to persuade recruiters that you are worthwhile a meeting. To that aim, the resume is an effective instrument for highlighting your accomplishments to hiring managers. You are likely to receive additional appointments if the resume gives a short synopsis of your essential skills and abilities in a way that makes your capacity to maintain the job as evident as feasible.

Importance of Resume Writing

The foremost importance of a resume is to enable you to get a chance to meet the employer. And, if you get a meeting call, get assured that your resume paid its worth! It demonstrates to a potential recruiter one’s past experiences. It describes your abilities and qualifications, professional knowledge and experience, and, very significantly, your achievements with former companies. Hence, a resume is your walking self, which has the power to explain your academic and professional walk to the date explicitly.

Advantages of a good Resume

Given below are some of the top-notch benefits of having an excellent resume:

a) It maintains the employer’s curiosity, ensuring that you get approached for a meeting.

b) Demonstrate your abilities and professional achievements concisely.

c) Excellence in the presentation of information in a digestible format.

d) Definitely understands the thin line between bossing and putting forth achievements.


The following factors should be considered while you choose which resume writing company amongst the two will be the best and frame the resume in the best form.

1. Accessibility

To begin with, Write Right is accessible and offers personalized assistance from step one itself. From booking your order to delivering your resume, the agency offers custom support to all the clients. Hence, making it highly accessible for the customers to approach them just through their website. Indeed, it is more reachable by filling a simple form, email, call, and yes, they are just a text away from WhatsApp. So, if you are in a hurry and need things done on quite an urgent basis, they have an edge; try it out!

Whereas the process for contacting them remains simpler for Avon Resumes by navigating to the resume option from their website itself. If you want to customize your order, Avon can be your most acceptable option but, if you are looking for easy to contact option, Write Right proves to be a cherry on top.

2. Cost efficiency

Write Right is a clear winner when it comes to an understanding that cost efficiency matters a lot. They have resume writing services starting from a very minimal range, which can be accessed based on your requirements. Again, though, quality remains the foremost priority.

Avon Resumes is undoubtedly a good company, but charges are high for a newbie to afford their services. Though they too have customization, an option available based on a person’s budget, the starting budget point is very costly for numerous individuals to afford. Furthermore, because Avon Resumes has been in the field for a much longer duration than Write Right, its prices are rising too over time, which Write Right does not incline much towards. As a result, the bang for the buck criterion using Write Right is slightly greater. However, whenever it relates to two of the most incredible organizations in the respective sectors, such minor details contribute significantly.

3. Guidance and understanding the requirements

Soft skills are an essential consideration behind the success of an organization. It is often said customers are the driving force of the market, Write Right understands this point with much heed, and Avon does the same. Pre-sale assistance refers to how quickly a company responds to discuss the solutions they intend to acquire. Avon allows you to call them via the number given on the webpage.

Hence, if you are not talking with an AI software person, Write Right may be the one option you were searching for. Living in the era of quick responses, Write Right allows you to chat with them directly over WhatsApp and communicate your requirements quickly and conveniently. If you look forward to efficiency in answering the questions, many surveys reveal that people love to communicate with people as it sounds more connected and reliable. Though, choices differ from individual to individual depending upon their unique perspective.

4. Post Completion Services

Professionalism is indeed what the world needs today. Even after the order placement, punctuality and reliability make these agencies the most acceptable alternatives. When you’ve posted your specifications on Write Right, you’ll find it easy to reach them via numerous channels. They don’t mind your calls, texts, emails, or WhatsApp messages; ultimately, your satisfaction is their primary reward. Moreover, to make things more convenient, they provide you with the contact details of the expert working on building your resume, allowing you to quickly monitor the process’s development.

This same gets to the picture frame even in the case of Avon Resumes, thus, again stating both the companies revolve around providing you the best solutions. The only difference is Write Right focuses more on personal touch than bot assistance.

5. Number of corrections proposed

Did you miss something in the first draft? Your chance is gone to get it corrected, says Avon. Thus, Avon allows you to check your resume’s first draft and propose the required corrections. But, by any means, if you missed something, they are pretty hesitant towards the same. So don’t feel stumbled; they provide as many changes as you require in the first step.

Whereas, Write Right is here to help you with endless changes! Perhaps, the happy news lies in the fact that even after the check on the first draft, you suddenly remember a crucial point and want to get it added; drop them a text, and the final draft will have it done. Therefore, it’s pretty evident what your call can be ultimately deciding how sure you want to be lies in your hands!

6. Quality

A resume is not just presenting information, and it is more. It revolves around presenting information in a ‘presentable’ format. And, both the firms understand this very nicely.

Write Right promises you ‘quality per word.’ Yes, you heard it right; they have shifted the base from mere monetary focus to what will help you in the long run: quality. Considering every factor listed above, we can determine that both the firms ensure that clients get the best resumes delivered to them. But, the comparison is what you can quickly notice on varied aspects. For example, while monitoring the process’s development quickly, both the firms employ the best-talented minds of the industry, there is still a thin line of difference.

The Final Takeaway

We are sure you must have framed a basic idea of which company can prove to be your ideal match. At the same time, both the foundations are doing great and have satisfied their customers by helping them turn their dreams into reality. You should adequately analyze that not always the first option is the best! It is very cumbersome to choose one of the two firms because the list of happy customers knows no bounds. Both Write Right and Avon are leading and well experienced with an experience of over a decade. Hence, they can understand your requirements in just a couple of minutes.

In a nutshell, it can hardly be concluded that either of them wins or outperforms in the aforementioned areas.  With both firms producing high-quality and impressive resumes, Write Right certainly aces at one point of affordability. We are sure you aren’t looking for a resume that burns a hole in your pocket! Therefore, give proper thought to all the factors and get a perfect resume formed, and don’t forget your skills matter the most. Write, right with Write Right!