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SOP Pro Vs Write Right: Honest SOP Writing Services Review

SOP Pro Vs Write Right

A Statement of Purpose is a sort of writing that demonstrates what a candidate wishes to establish to admissions committees of international universities. It explains why someone is applying for a specific program in the most straightforward words. Nowadays, this is a relatively frequent method of gaining admission to a university in another nation.

An SOP is comparable to the applicant’s finest opportunity to make a positive impression on the admissions committee. It is now the most effective method of showcasing a person’s background. To apply for college, one must submit an essay in which they describe their ideal college experience and their motivations for attending. Truth be told, SOP is a significant document that can change the future of the applicant. So one must draft an SOP that explains an individual’s journey from academics, work experience to future aspirations. 

It is important to understand that admissions committees read many applications, and SOP is a document that can make you stand out from the crowd. It takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the admission committee to go through all of the applications and a select handful of applicants that can prove to be an asset to the institute. As a result, Statement of Purpose (SOPs) must be well-researched, personalized and eloquent. It is critical to strive to be the best version of yourself. Most importantly, reviewers should quickly identify the unique elements.

Who requires a Statement of Purpose?

Most colleges and universities admitting international students require a statement of purpose. They want to know you, your personality and your life journey in your words through the SOP. Educational institutes including universities and colleges in the United States of America, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and a few countries where educational institutes require SOP. In some countries, it is a mandatory document for visa application also. Even in India, students who want to pursue PGDM or master’s program in top B-schools like IIM, SP Jain MDI and others require an SOP with the application file. Typically, they are more extended types of essays that a candidate must submit. It is currently considered a vital component of the application process at most universities and can become a standard practice even in companies in India and abroad. As a result, students in the modern world should be aware of this writing style to write effectively but fret not if writing is a challenge for you. There are many content writing agencies providing SOP writing services in India.

If you are wondering how to draft an SOP, we’ll suggest the document should be customized and precise. To make sense of it, one must first understand the topics covered. First and foremost, it should include a brief introduction to the individual who intends to study in the university or college in question. The document should demonstrate how they want to conduct their lives to show what they want to be in life while shedding light on past and present endeavours. It should ensure that the candidate is entirely prepared to begin a particular course. If students explain why they want to attend a specific institution, they will be more likely to wow the evaluators.

What exactly do people search for in a statement of purpose?

Indeed it is a nudging question and the key to evaluators’ mind. If only we understand what reviewers look for in an SOP, it will allow you to write more strategically. You can make your writing more defined and organize your thoughts when you see what they look for. Let’s get you an insight into the evaluator’s mind. First and foremost, they are interested in learning about the candidate’s background and current situation. As a result, one should explain their academic choices, their motivation and goals, and why they chose this particular route to accomplish their goals. When reviewing applications, reviewers must determine whether or not the applicant has a clear notion of what they want to do with their lives.  If it seems like a herculean task to pen down your entire life in two pages, we understand and bring you a critical review of two companies to aid you in making better decisions. 

Write Right – The Most Reliable Content Writing Company:

It is a one-stop-shop for SOP writing service requirements, including university SOPs, letters of recommendation, cover letters, resumes and visa SOP. The company has a team of prolific writers known for writing a well-crafted and organized SOP. A simple search on Google shows they have more than 1400 positive reviews and have been undisputed content creators. Believe me when I say that Write Right eats and drinks content and data to make a well-searched SOP that explains realistic factors to apply for a specific course or institute. And, yes, they have a good appetite for data! You will find SOP and articles with the latest facts and figures, international studies and reports to support the content. 

According to Good Firms and Clutch, Write Right is the top content writing service in the world for small businesses. The company’s business was quadrupled in India and globally because of its strong online presence, organized operations team, and writers from across the country working in unison even during the pandemic. Write Right’s five years of service, which has grown more prominent with each passing day, is because of their content diversity and catering to B2B and B2C alike with professional services. The 3 pillars of Write Right that make it a young but fastest, most successful and most ambitious content creation company are:

1. Quality:

What is the significance of having a decent content writing service? Isn’t the best content marketing frequently concise, intelligent, and time-sensitive? For the simple reason that quality matters, Write Right has become a global name because of its impeccable quality backed by solid research and data and grammar Nazi writers who hate plagiarism.

2. Deadline:

Efficiency needs to meet effectiveness, so deadlines are most important for clients whose future is at stake. Write Right’s team’s ability to stay on schedule is critical and to vouch for. I have personally spoken to their clients, and they were satisfied by the content quality and delivery. Plus, their strong digital footprint is proof of their seamless delivery. 

3. Necessity:

Write Right believes in excellence served with personalization to ensure clients’ requirements are met. Instead of rewriting the documents based on Google search or using unnecessary fillers to complete the word count, they dig in scholarly articles and reports to understand the industry and write what is necessary and intriguing yet easy to understand.


The second company known for SOP services is SOP Pro. They have a team of 45+ professional SOP and LOR writers who have more than a decade of combined expertise in studying abroad and obtaining visas for international students. They use a questionnaire to gather information about the candidate and their goals for the course and the future. It is an age-old but effective practice to understand the target audience. Many content writing companies claim to be the best at creating SOPs and LORs, and they are correct, but SOP Pro has invested in expansion. With a dynamic website to display their services, the company created processes and systems to ease the operations, and from 2015 they also ventured into academic papers. It is an old and experienced company with limited services to a specific industry.

1. Group of Expert Writers:

SOP Pro has 45+ expert SOP writers that have been creating SOPs for more than ten years and have a wealth of experience. But they are limited to India only.

2. Unique and on schedule:

People are confident about the content and timely delivery. It shows that they understand that deadlines are crucial for university or college admissions. However, it comes at a high price that only a few can afford to pay for a two-page document. 

3. One-time Free of Cost Correction:

It is permissible to make amendments to the first draft of the SOP. You have the option of requesting a one-time free edit, but it does not include an entire rewrite if the client isn’t satisfied. 

Being an avid researcher and internet buff, I have analyzed both companies deeply. While SOP Pro enjoys the perks of being an old and experienced company, Write Right is young, ambitious and a Go-getter. They are well established with a strong network but have a proactive approach that makes them distinctly ahead and seems to be the secret of their success. They strive to make long-term professional liaisons. What I saw from the reviews was strong customer service and communication between the clients and writers, which undoubtedly brings out the best results.