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SOP Help vs. Kalam Kagaz vs. Taletel: Updated Personal Statement Writing Review


When enrolling for postsecondary learning at a university abroad, there seem to be a number of entrance requirements laid down. Because it is a matter of a virtuous road ahead, you might not be willing to take any risk by framing an SOP by yourself. From an ample of requirements laying ahead you, SOP does top the list because it is the utmost essential document as it shapes the future outlook of an individual. Each and every guideline put forth must strictly adhere to the standards established and fulfil all the necessary requirements.

So, professional services seem to be the best way out when it comes to delivering all the work on time, following all the necessary requirements together with making things turn out to be in the favour of the student. But, with numerous agencies furnishing the personal statement, which can one evaluate which one serves the best. Perhaps, this is the main reason why we are writing this article!

In this cumbersome process of opting for the best agency, shortlisted below are the three, on which you can rely for your SOPs the most. These finest three Personal Statement, writing companies which will assist you in the idea of studying abroad, and thus, turning the table towards excellence, expertise and perfect blooming life. Therefore, read the article ahead and carefully choose the right one.

What is a Personal Statement and what is its importance?

Personal statement as the name suggests, requires an individual to pen down their personal life with a proper blend of professional background, casting light on both the avenues together.

Before writing your essay for the personal statement, it is imperative to keep in mind certain things that admission panels look for.

  • Firstly, your essay is demonstrative of your writing skills. Poor writing may be a deal-breaker. Make sure that your paper is entirely error-free. Use a balanced vocabulary so that the desired meaning is communicated effectively.
  • Exhibit your driving force and what motivates you to join the particular university you’ve opted for. Make sure you mean those words to sound genuine and not arrogant. Also, be aware of the university’s different aspects and the course you have opted for so that the admission panel can gauge your sincerity towards joining.
  • List your goals, interests, and accomplishments the way they are. It is not advised to boast too on your essay, but at the same time, the admission panel must know that you are an applicant of high value. You have to make sure the article is authentic and displays your truest self, and the admission panel must be convinced that you possess specific attributes that other candidates do not.

After bearing in mind the above, structure your essay accordingly to have a flow. To make it authentic and personable, make sure that your beliefs and values are highlighted along with your talents and accomplishments.

A few words about SOP Help

SOP Help, as the title aptly suggests it is providing help to the candidates to frame their SOP to get admission to the best of the Universities across the globe. The company is foremost known for the quality of content they provide and the time efficiency of delivering the work. Their SOP will mark a difference when properly evaluating the credentials, straightforward performance appraisal, achievements, and everything that follows in a set and proper format. They strive to get your SOP drafted from the perfect team of writers that are the best when marking a print on the reader’s mind. Their keen eye for detail and providing every information in an excellent format makes them one of the leading Personal Statement writing companies. But do they miss out on something? Indeed, every coin has two sides, and the second side unveils the fact that this company does not provide you any free revisions after the first draft has been evaluated and passed by you. A little worried about this? Don’t be! The other two Personal Statement writing firms in our list know very well how important this SOP is for you, and hence, it allows you to make corrections even after the passing of the initial draft.

Important considerations about Kalam Kagaz

A well-versed SOP is the forte of Kalam Kagaz. Are you wondering the reasons for the same? Perhaps, the list has endless reasons but here, let’s talk about some of the most significant benchmarks. One key indicator of a good SOP is to stick the evaluator to read the Personal Statement to the last and believe us, and no one knows this trick the best than Kalam Kagaz. Being in the market for several years, they are well acquainted with the tips that would have a lasting impact on the reader’s mind.

Furthermore, sticking to quality is their ideal role; they help you ace the race by cost-efficiency. Understanding that cost is too a guiding parameter, this writing agency surely knows how to provide you with the best work in a cost-efficient mechanism. And submitting the Personal Statement well before time will also foster you to choose this firm. An added upside is that you can contact them 24 x 7, as they proudly acclaim that serving the customers at their ease is their expertise.

Points to consider about Taletel

Like the other two writing firms, Taletel, too, has a long run to go when the talk is about the standards and potential of the writers. Weaving a Personal Statement with all the personal and professional elements written down from the point of view of the student’s customization makes them the king of Personal Statement formation. Reflecting precision in writing the statements for all the subjects without compromising even a pinch on the standard, Taletel again rocks the floor. A team of professional experts and writers working in the field for years gives you not only a hands-down Personal Statement but also deep down comforts you of your decision to go with them.

The company goes the extra mile by providing you with some suggestions, which will help strengthen your SOP. Doesn’t it sound the most promising? Because the writer has turned into a guide, allowing your Personal Statement to get some extra points. Thus, if you want help in writing and suggestions that widen your scope of being the best, this writing agency can surely be your helping hand. Last but not least, our promise of providing you unlimited free revisions is a complete package of satisfaction; no worries, even if you miss something, you always have a chance to get it added in the final document from the specialist handling your paper. Increasing accountability and reliability by providing you the link to the professional working on your Personal Statement also makes you track the operating speed of your SOP.

The way forward

So, we are sure your mind must have opted for the best writing agency, seeing all the parameters mentioned above. But, as this is a document your professional life solely and most prominently depends upon, giving a second thought is not wrong. Roll on the best content writing agency because your SOP matters to them also the same as it does for you. Furthermore, curving the SOP as per your needs paired with their expertise will surely make the administration and admission panel stop and read it.

Intriguing the SOP with a perfect combination of how and where to unfold which achievement and information make it the foremost choice. Going to one of these SOP writers will open your gate to good fortune, but before that, make sure you know everything that shines is not gold. Hence, a proper evaluation will be the key to a good SOP. The details as mentioned above of what makes an SOP the excellent one will further help you analyze the SOP writers, turning in to be a happening point in your life.