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Contentholic vs. Estorytellers: Best SOP and LOR Writing Services Reviews

The world has evolved since COVID 19, and so have the old SOP/LOR Writing conventions. We assist you in drafting the greatest SOP/LOR draught that meets the most recent requirements demanded by colleges and visa consulates. With our global network, we can write SOP/LOR for any application, whether it’s for a course, a visa, or a job. After the epidemic, have your SOP/LOR produced by our SOP/LOR professionals, who are familiar with the most recent formats and writing styles. Don’t let an ordinary statement of purpose or college essay cost you the opportunity to stand out.

So, let’s  discuss the basics of SOPs/LORs before introducing you the market capturers –

What is a SOP?

When applying to graduate school, a statement of purpose is a necessary document. This essay-style document explains who you are. It is, once again, untrue to claim that it is a necessary part of any student’s life. This is because only after reviewing your SOP does the admission committee award you admission. One thing you should realise right now is that you must stand out. You must state why the admissions committee should choose you over other applicants.

The most important aspect of writing a SOP is that it is not just a document that displays your qualifications as a candidate, but it also demonstrates your writing abilities.

What are the common mistakes that people make in drafting a SOP?

A statement of purpose is a sure-fire strategy to stand out in your application and get into your preferred university. However, if it is not worded effectively, your statement of purpose can be your demise, but don’t panic. We’ll go over some typical mistakes people make when writing SOPs so you don’t have to!

1. Writing Without a Plan

Creating without a structure in mind is a common error students make when writing SOPs. Before you begin writing, it’s often a good idea to sketch out a rough outline. Consider extracurriculars or interests that have stood out in your personal past and are also significant to your future and course.

2. Putting Too Much Emphasis on Minor Details

Avoid rambling, flowery language, acronyms, and childhood fantasies or inane hobbies in your writing. It’s also vital to avoid using clichés or general statements like “I am an honest, hardworking guy” or “I am a go-getter.”

3. The Word Limit Isn’t Being Respected

Applicants go above and beyond the word limit in attempt to appear knowledgeable or accomplished. This is a blunder that no one should make. SOPs that are longer than the word limit do not make the applicant better; rather, they may hurt your chances.

4. Using the SOP

Students, on average, apply to many colleges at the same time and make the mistake of utilising the same SOP for all of them. It’s preferable to create a separate SOP for each university to which you’re applying.

What is a LOR?

A letter of recommendation is a summary provided by professors or teachers. These documents are typically from mentors with whom you’ve already collaborated. It is critical to write a letter of recommendation (LOR) to effectively represent your candidacy. Regardless of the course you’ve chosen for your post-secondary education. In your admissions application, you must include a LOR.

As you can see, a recommendation letter is a vital part of any application letter, whether it’s for a job, academic admittance, or a visa. It can absolutely shine light on aspects that may not otherwise be obvious to the audience because it is written by someone other than yourself expressing what kind of person you are. It has even more weight because it was written by someone you know.

What are the common mistakes that people make in drafting an LOR?

Any student planning to study abroad will need a letter of recommendation. If the candidate was employed, at least three recommendation letters from college/university teachers or managers are necessary, regardless of whether the candidate was enrolled in an undergraduate course, MBA, MS, or PhD programme. Referees, on the other hand, frequently make errors while writing LORs that must be avoided at all costs. The following are some frequent LOR blunders to avoid.

1. Using an internet-copied LOR

Copying and pasting from online sample LORs may appear to be a simple and practical solution, but it might have a negative impact on the applicant’s offer letter.

2. Failure to follow the rules

There are some protocols that must be rigorously observed. The LOR, for example, must be typed rather than scribbled by hand. It should also be typed on letterhead from the university. A sealed envelope should be used to send the document. Failure to do so may compromise the letter’s legitimacy.

3. Not having access to important data

Before writing a LOR, the referee should have a good understanding of the student. References can be found in the resume and SOP. Students should keep a word document with all pertinent information for the referee on hand.

4. Hurriedly written

The letter of recommendation should be written by the referee in a reasonable amount of time. It is possible to miss vital and relevant information if you write it in a rush. Students should have a list of backup referees on hand as well. In the event that a primary referee is absent, this will save them time and aggravation.

So, is the SOP and LOR the same thing?

No. There aren’t any documents that are identical. The LOR, or Letter of Recommendation, is expected to be written for the students by a recommender, who could be a teacher or a prior supervisor. The recommender’s comments aids university officials in comprehending the candidate from a different standpoint.

As previously noted, a SOP (Statement of Purpose) is a document in which a student expresses his interest, ambitions, and other key details regarding his candidacy for a specific programme.

What are the benefits of hiring a SOP/LOR writer?

Professional SOP writers have a good understanding of what it takes to produce a powerful SOP. The professionally written SOP increases your chances of admission and gives you the confidence to create a lasting impression on the panel. You might obtain a sample of a statement of purpose from a potential SOP writing firm to verify their efficiency and efficacy. It will offer you a good notion of their relevance, and you can then decide whether or not to use their services.

Professional SOP writing services are useful for a variety of reasons-

Prepare a good SOP

The SOP writing company has access to trained and experienced individuals that are meticulous in their SOP writing. As a result, they pledge to maintain the highest level of quality.

On-Time Delivery

SOPs are projects that must be completed within a certain amount of time. To ensure that your application is processed on time, you must submit it by a specific deadline. Outsourcing writing assistance has a faster turnaround time and allows you to fulfil deadlines while maintaining good quality.


The SOP writing service will give you with genuine articles. Professionals collaborate closely with you to create original, rich, relevant, and high-quality content that meets your needs.

Correction/Editing of Errors

If your paper does not meet the needed criteria, you may need to make last-minute revisions. While the usual outsourced firm provides you with the exact material you require, errors may occasionally occur due to a variety of factors, including incorrect interpretation of information from the customer’s end.

Contentholic and Estorytellers‘ LOR writers have carved out a niche for themselves in the competitive letter of recommendation writing industry over the years. They have put in a lot of effort to provide a diverse range of services to clients from all over the world in many professional fields.

Contentholic v/s Estorytellers

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Final Words

These are two of India’s top SOP/LOR authors, in our opinion. You can conduct your own research and choose any of the options above based on your needs and suitability. However, your SOP/LOR should be outstanding in order for it to serve as the key to your dream college’s gate. You can leave a remark below at any moment if you have any questions.

We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing you in the future. Rock the world, if you want.