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Estorytellers vs Contentholic : Which is Reliable SOP Writing Agency [Review]

Reliable SOP Writing Agency

So, do you wish to study at a prestigious institution of higher learning in an international country? Getting into a prestigious university is tricky. A seat in a competitive program has a 4 percent chance, especially for an international student. It would be best for you to succeed if you were the greatest of the best. Everything needs to be perfect, from your previous grades to a solid extracurricular foundation to a well-crafted document to explain your intent. However, one more thing does not necessitate strong grades or participation in extracurricular activities. Your statement of purpose is an essential criterion in determining whether or not you will be accepted into the program. What it is: It is a brief essay that summarises your objectives, what you have accomplished thus far, and why you chose that particular university.

Let’s explain the SOP:

First, you have to know the complete form of SOP? In this sentence, “Statement of Purpose” is written as “SOP.” A statement of intent is a brief type of paper but does not cover all of the facts about a person who wishes to become a teacher in a formal setting. In a statement of purpose (SOP), you tell the admissions committee about yourself, your motivation for applying, why you’re a good candidate, and what you hope to accomplish in the future. It would help you if you considered it one of the most crucial aspects of your application. Suppose you’re unsure what to call this letter. In that case, it’s usually referred to as an SOP letter, a personal statement, or a letter of intent/motivation that explains your goals to apply for graduate school.

Often students get nervous while drafting the documents as either they lack English proficiency or are unaware of the elements of a well-drafted statement of purpose. On the contrary, it’s a piece of cake for some students! As more students from Asian and other developing countries have started applying to top-notch universities and colleges in the USA, U, Canada and Australia, the demand for SOP writers has increased as the evaluation has become strict. There are several places where you may receive professional assistance from experts to register your SOP, but Estorytellers and Contentholic are popular names online for finding some of the greatest SOP writers available in India. Having more alternatives is always a good thing, but it can make things more challenging to navigate. You should choose an SOP writer you can connect with and communicate clearly.


Bhavik Sarkhedi is one of India’s most notable digital content writers, and he has been regarded as one of the world’s top content writers. He has written for various publications, including Forbes and The New York Times. He has been called one of the best content writers globally by many people worldwide. The author has written four books, which have all been published and critically acclaimed. In addition, he is the founder of Estorytellers, a leading content writing and marketing agency with more than 50 highly competent writers who have been with the company for five years. In their opinion, the best way to market their content writing services is to have them sell themselves. Therefore they deliver you 100 percent plagiarism-free articles, SOPs, Admission essays and letters of recommendation on time. They understand how difficult it is to write original content that does not appear to have been written by someone else or by Estorytellers; a Creative Content Writing Agency will assist you in writing personalized, original content for your clients and customers that will compel them to read more. They have expertise in producing human-centric personalized content that will inevitably help you get admission to the Ivy leagues universities, generate more sales leads, and increase your company profits.


1. Statement of Purpose (SOP) Writing:

Estorytellers provide the most excellent SOP services in India, thanks to their team of talented and experienced SOP writers, who assist you in gaining admission to the university of your choice. They write admission essays and LORs of varying lengths, highly researched and including everything from high-quality personal content to promotional information.

2. Copywriting- toughest content genre

Copywriters can make you king with the spin of their words and grasp on the subject. Whether technical niche or health or e-commerce, they provide blogs, social media copywriting, well-crafted email and landing pages that will entice your customers like a moth to fire.

3. Email Marketing

There are examples of many ineffective scenarios in which writing is inadequate, such as sending letters to sell and reach your target audience. The team at Estorytellers is highly skilled at creating a variety of different types of Emailers that may assist you in taking your company to new heights.

4. Web Content Writing

Estorytellers can assist you in creating the appropriate material for your website, which will allow your company to shine. Your company will become a brand with SEO-driven web content that Google won’t mind putting on the top. 

Paper Writing and Resume Services:

Writing a white paper entails more than just coming up with creative or technical ideas. It necessitates extensive and in-depth research on the issue. Estorytellers assist you in combining all of the necessary materials into your white paper so that it shines brightly wherever it is displayed. You can also get a professional resume/CV designed and articulated to get your dream job or admission to your dream university. 

Auxiliary Services for preparing SOP:

Estorytellers go the extra mile and provide translation services, which is something that only a few writing companies do, is an excellent thing. They also provide editing and SOP enhancement services. If you have written your SOP but need an expert eye to review and edit, book a call with Estoryteller’s writer.

Experts in Estoryteller feel that the most acceptable content is derived from a thorough study and research-backed by facts and figures. Getting impeccable and engaging content can be difficult, but they can turn it into a magic light for you. 

They are opposed to one another:

There is a chunk of factors that distinguish Estorytellers from the competition. First and foremost, their high-quality content that engages the audience impels them to take action and helps change lives. For the best customer service, Estoryteller is available round the clock. Transparency and dependability are essential factors for storytellers. They make sure that they adopt a completely open and honest attitude and employ trustworthy strategies beneficial to you. That’s what makes them proactive and better from the most content agencies.

Contentholic is another SOP writing service for clients:

Contentholic is another content creation agency founded and operational in Delhi. They provide umpteen services from content and blog writing, resume and cover letters, brochure designing and presentations, and SOP writing; they are known for their diverse services. 

Simple and less complex process:

They have a simple and straightforward procedure where salespeople connect with clients. Clients can talk to them and tell them about what’s going on. If you need the documents, they will make plans to send them to you. In addition, they will email you the SOP questionnaire and appropriate samples.

Plagiarism free work:

Plagiarism is a serious offence in the content creation industry that should be avoided. You can’t claim credit for someone else’s work but can cite it with the name, like quotes in the SOPs. They have software that allows them to determine whether or not the SOP or LOR has been copied.

Quality over Quantity:

SOP and letter of recommendation are the essence of a student’s application and should be unique, crisp and personalized. Undoubtedly, they charge a higher price but provide interesting SOPs with a fresh perspective. They adhere to their quality over quantity rule, which helped them survive all these years in such a competitive environment. 

On-time work delivery:

Every admissions procedure has a start and finish date that must be adhered to. There is a time limit for students who want to go to school. As a result, they make sure that we know when the SOP and LOR will be delivered. If it is not possible for us to finish in the time frame that the student desires, they will not accept their SOP and will be completely upfront about it. They do not take them.

These are the characteristics that have made Contentholic so well-known and well-liked company. But, what makes Estorytellers a creative and most-in-demand company is their customer service. Besides the obvious pros- quality, deadline, context and innovation, Estorytellers have a strong-knit operations network that ensures a streamlined process from the delegation of tasks, document delivery to editing and after-sales services. Clients come back to them for additional services even after months because they care and stay connected. They understand their responsibility after content delivery and are available to provide auxiliary services to ensure client satisfaction