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Contentholic Vs Bloggism: Honest SOP Writing Services [Review]

Honest SOP Writing Services [Review]


A statement of Purpose (SOP) helps you distinguish among many applicants as a deciding factor for the admission authority. It is an important piece of document in the application process. A perfect crafted SOP stands out from the queue.

SOP has to be concise and convey your academic qualifications, goals, and ambitions, your role as a student of their esteemed university, and your contribution to the overall society. It has to highlight the points as to why you prefer the subjects you choose and how they can alter your life in the future. Crafting and SOP is a difficult task. Although you know yourself well, you might not be able to write precise words for making a compelling SOP. 

As I mentioned earlier, writing SOP is hard so I am reviewing two SOP writing agencies Contentholic and Bloggism so that you can choose wisely.

Contentholic SOP writing services

Contentholic is one of the leading professional SOP writing agencies. They have a decade old experience in writing. Their SOP writing services are world-renowned and have the best content writers in India. They have delivered more than 11,000 SOPs so far. They understand their client and research the course ,universityaccordingly. With the right kind of professionals under their belt, they easily create enticing SOPs.

Contentholic provides a wide range of SOP writing services for admission applications, visa applications, job applications, and PR applications. 

Contentholic dedicatedly handles all needs of SOPs such as SOP for college, SOP for job application, SOP for tourist visa, SOP for spouse visa, SOP for work visa, SOP for student visa, SOP for job search visa, SOP for internships and scholarships.


Contentholic provides an SOP Questionnaire that has 10-12 questions relevant to the client. The client can also provide additional details that they want to highlight in an SOP. They draft SOPs as per the regulations of the university required. 

Contentholic SOP services USP:

  1. Seasoned professionals and experts in SOP writing
  2. Rated as the best agency when it comes to SOP writing
  3. 100% Plagiarism-free services
  4. Unique SOP as per client requirement
  5. Deliver SOP on time
  6. Revisions as per client requirement

Bloggism SOP writing services

Bloggism is an agency that lists as one of the top SOP writing services in the country. Their reviews speak of their work quite robustly. They have been providing great services to their clients globally. Admitting that Bloggism is a newbie in the market, they have surpassed many of their peers in providing quality content to clients. Their success ratio is also very high. Their USP lies in the client’s reliability. Their SOPs are of high quality and meet industry requirements. Bloggism provides reasonable pricing, 24*7 assistance. They deliver 100% original content tailored to the university’s needs and keeps your information private. 


You have to fill in the details in the contact section. Their team will get back with all the necessary information. You can also mail them your queries and they are quick to respond.

Bloggism SOP services USP:

  1. Error-free and unique SOPs
  2. SOPs are written as per the client’s specifications
  3. Revisions and re-writings are done as per client requirement
  4. Deliver the content on time
  5. Reliable services


SOPs stands as a golden opportunity for fulfilling your dreams. It is crucial to check all aspects before choosing the right agency. Your characteristics and experiences should be in sync with your personality, thus an agency that can cater to these needs will be a well fit.

Bloggism is an agency that masters the needs of upcoming start-ups and businesses. Although they provide SOP writing services, their specialty lies in creative content writing. Contentholic on the other hand is well-examined and experienced in various forms of SOP writing. As a student / working professional, I would choose Contentholic as the best SOP writing agency for my projects