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Ewriting Champs Vs Write Right Vs Contentholic: Trustworthy SOP Writing Services Review

Ewriting Champs Vs Write Right Vs Contentholic

Anyone interested in continuing their higher education in an overseas university will need to compose a statement of intent or purpose. A statement of purpose allows an applicant to inform an admissions committee who they are, what has affected them in their chosen career path, professional interests, and future ambitions for whichever institution they are applying to. Applicants must provide a compelling statement of purpose to be admitted into a graduate programme.

Although a statement of purpose is required for all applications, it is not necessary to be formal but can have anecdotes and personalized stories. Having an SOP that demonstrates creativity will help you stand out from the pack.

Given the importance of a statement of purpose in pushing your education further, it’s evident that you’ll need to know what to write and how to present your ideas. If the prospect of writing your statement of purpose makes you feel uneasy, there are SOP writing agencies you can go for it. You can pay a certain amount for the service and hire qualified writers to produce your statement of purpose based on the information and criteria you provide.

It can be frightening to entrust such an essential task to someone else. You need to do in-depth research about the service that offers you the quality SOP.

What makes SOPs important?

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) must clearly express your company’s processes to standardize operations and maintain profitability and efficiency. Individuals can use this guide for various purposes, including enforcing a set of rules, establishing roles and relationships, preventing the loss of critical individuals, and more.

Their primary responsibility is to ensure that their employees perform their duties correctly. The SOP should explain how will you accomplish your ideas and will you be an asset to the university.

One of the Indian students, Kushal Nair, an MBA aspirant who applied for the programme at a Spain University, mentioned that SOP created by the agency was of great help. “Despite having an extremely low undergraduate GPA, I used the SOP to highlight my talents and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit during my time as a prospective graduate student.”

While there is no set weightage for admissions, the personal statement can make or break an applicant’s prospects of acceptance. Here are some of the reasons why SOP is vital for university admission-

General Background

An SOP must comprehend the applicant’s thinking and goals when applying for a student visa. Typically, the letter includes information about the student’s academic achievements, family history, financial stability, and plans.

Reason to Choose the Course

SOP demonstrates the rationale for choosing a particular course that will benefit their professional path. Overall, the paper is a written form that details the kids’ passions and interests.

Similarly, the purpose of SOP is to demonstrate the student’s perseverance in pursuing his education abroad. The hard work and firmness with which the student perceives his surroundings are reflected in the personal statement.

Your Storytelling Skill

A finely drafted academic and personal story of a candidate’s life is what matters in the SOP. As a result, an SOP must have highly personalized content that expresses your personality. With the help of good storytelling, it should include details about achievements, strengths, and vision.

Before they meet you, the authorities require information about you before going ahead with the admission process. As a result, make sure your Statement of Purpose contains the appropriate language, superb syntax, and a well-connected flow of ideas.

Presenting Unique Personality

SOP helps the candidate to present as a unique personality. The documents you submit are just certificates demonstrating your accomplishments, and they don’t necessarily characterize your nature. On the other hand, the authorities want to know who you are and the type of person you are in real life.

The written SOP should explain the tale of your academic, professional, personal, and social lives and details about your abilities, objectives, and successes. This gives a proper structure to the authorities.

Pros to select you

SOP is to represent your positive part more than the negative part. A finely drafted SOP explains how a candidate may contribute to the university he is applying to. If admitted, how will he enhance the institution’s reputation as an alumnus? With relevant examples like dream projects, ambitions, and proven achievements, your one-of-a-kind and personalized SOP must express the benefits of hiring you.

Writing Structure of SOP

Every SOP writing agency needs to follow the standard format to ensure it manages to induce the top-rankings of the university to give you admission. Here is the writing structure-

1. Planning

Making a clear road map of how you want your statement of purpose to look might help you develop a clear road map of the ideas you want to include and the specifics you don’t want to have. Presenting your significant life experiences on a sheet of paper can come in helpful when you begin the actual writing process. This planning approach can also help you sort things out if you have a lot of thoughts swimming around in your head that are making you confused.

2. The Beginning

Getting off to a strong start is undoubtedly the most challenging aspect of the SOP writing process. There will be no turning back for you once you get off to a good start. The most effective beginning keeps the reader captivated by your manuscript. 

3. Formulate your Idea

This portion of SOP includes providing your academic journey, motivation towards the course, relevant work experience, and the university’s benefits to offer you admission.

4. Conclusion

Giving a clear finish can assist you in making a lasting impact on the SOP. So, use this chance to emphasize your ambition, determination, and motivation, leaving no room for rejection. Finally, proofread and revise the document. You may need a few rewrites before you have a statement you’re proud to name your final copy.

Reviewing between EwritingChamps vs. Write Right vs. ContentHolic- Who is the best?

Write Right

Write Right has been the top-notch contender for the SOP writing service agency. Write Right employs over 50 writers who work around the clock to meet customer deadlines. Write Right has the resources to meet your deadlines at any cost, whether you have an immediate need for an SOP or have plenty of time on your hands.

Write Right has been thriving in the SOP writing market for more than four years. And investing in a well-known brand is never a mistake. The organisation has skilled writers, but it also has personnel who are well-versed in SOP documentation. And having this knowledge will let you add some extra relevant information to your SOP that you may have overlooked during your briefing. It is presently India’s top SOP writing agency, and they produce SOPs for student visas and university purposes.

They follow a standard process that connects well with the thought process and helps in creating a ready material. Write Right employs several genuine techniques to enhance the prominence of your thoughts and achievement explanation. Depending on the urgency, you can choose between 1 and 4 days for delivery.


EwritingChamps is yet another leading SOP writing service in India. To satisfy students’ SOP needs, they offer a creative staff of skilled writers. They have a team of admissions writers who follow university-specific SOP guidelines. Whether you’re applying for management, law, or another degree, EwritingChamps has subject matter specialists to assist you with a proper SOP. EwritingChamps can be your guiding light to get admission and a visa for higher studies with tailored service.

You can also trust EwritingChamps when it comes to your personal information, and this writing agency ensures that all information and communications are kept secret. This platform’s ordering process is quite simple, and you can place an order in three easy steps and pay with a secure virtual payment channel.


ContentHolic is quite a unique and creative SOP writing agency you can consider. From academic SOPs to Visa and university SOPs, ContentHolic deals with students directly to offer tailored service. ContentHolic, being one of the significant SOP writing agencies in India, has delivered over 10,000 SOPs since 2011, making us one of the most dependable and experienced SOP writing agencies in the country. The core team includes seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience in SOP and LOR writing and education advising.

Final Thought

Among the three SOP writing agencies, Write Right stands out for its experience quality service for students. One of the major aspects of Write Right is all their SOP writers are qualified degree holders. They go to the hook of the bio to understand and create the draft that builds a perception of yours in front of authorities. You can connect with them directly to understand more about their SOP writing process by expert writers. The ultimate aim of hiring an agency for the SOP is to get the guarantee of easy and successful process of student visa and admission.