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Kalam Kagaz Vs Contentholic: Which Is Better Visa SOP Writing Agency

Better Visa SOP Writing Agency

A well-written visa SOP opens avenues for a promising career overseas

A Visa SOP is all about demonstrating your purpose, most notably for student visa applications in countries including Canada, Australia, the United States, etc.

Grades aren’t the only factor that determines a candidate’s acceptance. There’s a lot more to it than that. The list of applicants comprises people with similar backgrounds and grades. As a result, the SOP enters the picture. A strong SOP defines the best prospects from the rest. Every year thousands of students want to get admission to a prestigious graduate college or university. We all know how difficult it can be. Representing your case in the best way possible plays a crucial in front of the selection committee, as they are the ones who have the authority to make admissions decisions. The application procedure entails various tasks, including producing a statement of purpose (SOP) essay. It’s one of your application’s most crucial elements. However, not every student carries enough skills to create an appealing SOP that can be a gateway to a reputed institute.

SOP writing services play an essential role in such situations. They are expert writers that can help you gain admission to the graduate school or university of your choice. Working with professional SOP writing services has several advantages. For example, can you drive a car on the road without previous experience? No! You can’t because you’ve never done something like this before. However, many SOP agencies are readily available to develop one for you, but not every agency can do them justice. This is when you need to compare among the best ones.

Why do students need an SOP Writing Agency?

Every aspirant applying to a reputable university will begin with the determination and goal of being accepted into the desired university. This motivates individuals to achieve the highest academic marks possible at various levels. Every applicant has the same score and credentials. As a result, SOP is your one chance to be different and stand out from the pack. If you make your SOP regular by generating it yourself in these situations, you risk losing your only opportunity of being selected.

Writing experts working for these SOP agencies are well-trained, and they are qualified SOP writers with several years of experience in the field. They create SOPs for you that improve your chances of being chosen. Another vital reason to hire experienced writers is that you would not evaluate yourself. One thing is sure; once you get the complete task, you cannot assess your strengths and flaws.

Many top universities and student visa officials analyse your communication skills and ensure that communication isn’t a problem. You will be studying in a country with English as their primary language. In such instances, the SOP writing service takes care of the language to demonstrate your communication skills. However, numerous applicants write more about their personal lives in a flow while writing their SOP. Their chances are ruined as a result of this. On the other hand, SOP writing services are familiar with all of the critical elements of an SOP, and this aids them in creating attention-getting SOPs.

Features you must expect from the leading SOP Writing Agency:

Once you are clear about why you must hire an SOP writing agency, you need to check features about the same. You should be aware of the benefits that top names in SOP writing provide you before looking for an SOP writing agency. The SOP writing agency offers the following features.

1. Backed with Experienced Writers

One of the most important characteristics to look for in any SOP writing service is the writers’ experience. You can expect perfection when you hire experienced SOP writers. Furthermore, SOP is not the same as any other document you submit for legal purposes, and it is the only document that significantly impacts your student visa application.

In such instances, you should expect SOP writing agency writers to have advanced degrees and be professional SOP writers with many years of expertise. This will ensure that you produce stunning writings to meet university requirements. Top SOP writing agencies allow you to select writers, and you can communicate and choose writers with the most experience in such instances.

2. Get Personalized Service

Nothing makes a customer happier than receiving individualized attention. It entails a service that is quickly customized to meet your needs. Professional SOP writing firms customize their services to meet client needs by covering relevant points of your life that will strengthen tour cases like good qualificiation, work experience, and English proficiency.

3. Timely Delivery of Work

Delivering SOP content on time is an important feature to look for in a writing firm. Don’t work with an agency that doesn’t value the deadline. You may always examine some of their previous customers’ reviews to see how effective their SOP writing services are. Completing the SOP ahead of time will always keep you out of the hurry.

4. Price

The pricing for SOP writing is relatively high compared to other content types. When hiring an SOP writing agency, compare charges to check if it fits your budget. Not every high-charging agency would deliver the best service, and hiring an agency charging reasonable costs and quality work delivery is vital.

Finding the difference between ContentHolic and Kalam Kagaz

Although there are many SOP writing agencies, choosing between ContentHolic and Kalam Kagaz is something you need to think about. 


ContentHolic provides SOP writing services in India and overseas for students applying to study abroad in prestigious colleges. Writing a statement of purpose for a student’s application, which most top-tier universities require worldwide, is quite popular in Indian premium colleges. To date, ContentHolic claims to have delivered more than 10000 SOP, along with 650+ Visa refusal Case SOPs and other content types.

ContentHolic has a team of experienced SOP writers in India. The agency understands students’ concerns and personal goals when it comes to creating these statements, which is why we provide our Online SOP writing services to assist you in drafting an outstanding SOP. ContentHolic offer different types of SOPs, including-

Personal Statement, Letter of Intent, Motivational Statement, Personal Narrative, Goals Statement, and others. ContentHolic is the first formal agency in India to begin supplying visa SOP writing services. For more than a decade, ContentHolic visa sop writers have been providing the highest quality SOPs, handcrafted for each candidate for visa applications.

The agency follows a well-thought-out and thoroughly tested method that completes a full SOP questionnaire covering all topics. This questionnaire helps understand your vision, writing styles, plans, and course and environment. We generate a draught that is 100% original, plagiarism-free, and written to your English language level.


KalamKagaz, a subsidiary of the well-known writing agency Taletel, is another India-based SOP writing agency. Taletel’s SOP writing has a lot of traction in the market. Kalam Kagaz has garnered a huge customer base all these years, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. 

The SOPs are written by a team of experienced and trained authors at KalamKagaz. The hiring process for a writer is likewise rigorous. They prioritize the work to provide consumers with high-quality products. Making a payment on this site is safe since all transactions are encrypted. The agency offers SOPs for MBA, Ph.D., Master’s Program, and other education departments. 


Now that you got a brief insight of ContentHolic and Kalam Kagaz, along with the features to check before hiring the SOP writing agency, it shouldn’t be challenging to hire the best one. My personal favorite is Kalam Kagaz, as I got my university SOP from them and received an admission letter from Harvard within two weeks. Ecstatic, I reassigned them my Visa SOP, and they wrote such a well-researched SOP that getting a study visa was a cakewalk