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Write Right Vs Contentholic: Trustworthy LOR Writing Services [Review]

Trustworthy LOR Writing Services [Review]

What is a Letter of Recommendation?

Getting into one of the top Universities is everyone’s dream. Students are well aware of all the varied specializations available according to their interests across the globe. Of all the documents that are mandatory for studying abroad; one document stands of higher value i.e., the Letter of Recommendation (LOR).

LOR is a one-page document usually consisting of 400-500 words. Letter of recommendation, also known as reference letters, give admission officers insight into whether the candidate is suited for a particular job or study program. A recommendation letter might be for a job, an internship, a Master’s degree, or a doctorate. Even those seeking volunteer work at an institute may require a recommendation letter.

LOR is of two types:

1. Academic LOR: Recommended by Professors who taught you. Or someone with whom you have partnered for your project/thesis, etc.

2. Professional LOR: Recommended by your Reporting Manager or Managing Director. They craft a clear picture of your skillset, work efficiency, etc.

LOR writing services

LOR comes in different shapes and formats. Each person is unique and thus crafting a LOR for their needs also should be unique. Many such services are available across the globe for fulfilling such needs. Everyone reads, but writing is something that not everyone is comfortable with. There is limited no. of people who can make a vast difference with their writing abilities. LOR writing services are legit and you can use one for crafting great LOR and also for saving your time, etc.

If your previous employer or your professor is busy and could not write a LOR for you, these agencies can be a lifesaver for you.

Write Right LOR Services

Write Right is globally recognized as one of the top LOR writing agencies. Write right is a proud partner to 50+ businesses and aspiring agencies. It has professionals who have more than 4 years of experience in writing efficient LORs. 


 3 simple steps to get your LOR written without any hazel:

  1. Fill out a questionnaire and send it directly to the writer along with your CV. You can communicate more details with them.
  2. The agency will provide your LOR within 3-4 days. If it’s urgent, you can convey the same to them and they will provide it within 24 hours.
  3. After the LOR is sent to you, you can check and send for any changes if needed.

Features of Write Right:

  1. Team of 50+ expert writers
  2. 24*7 helpline to solve your queries
  3. In-depth awareness and information of various Universities
  4. Adequate knowledge of documentation
  5. Expertise in understanding your core strengths and highlighting them in your LOR
  6. Exceptional quality of writing with on-time delivery
  7. Free revisions of editing and proofreading for error corrections

Contentholic LOR Services

Contentholic has years of experience in LOR writing. They have crafted numerous high-quality LORs for students with diverse profiles. Contentholic has been servicing students and professionals since 2011. It is capable of delivering quality content. They have provided services for more than 10,000 clients and gained positive responses.


Applicants can directly contact the agency and can provide their specific needs as well. They craft your LORs as per your requirement and send you a notification so that you can download them. It also offers free revisions.

Features of Contentholic:

  1. Team of experienced writers in every niche
  2. SEO optimized content
  3. Content that complies with all guidelines
  4. Undergoes innumerable editing processes from their editors
  5. Plagiarism free
  6. 360-degree research
  7. Transparency with clients
  8. 24*7 online assistance


Wrapping up these are the thoughts about both the agencies for LOR services. Getting into your dream university or job can be overwhelming; you can make it less daunting by relying on some LOR writing agencies. Both the agencies are renowned and well established in their craft. Although, I would suggest you choose Write Right for their impeccable quality and assistance which has been personally experienced by my peers and colleagues.