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SOP Consultants vs. Estorytellers: Which Is Better in 2024?


While filling out your college application, one step has always proven to cause much dilemma and stress to prospective college students; yes, you guessed it right, it’s the SOP essay writing part. Applicants often find it hard to express themselves correctly in their SOP, but since it is a pivotal step in the entire application process, it has to be done justice. This is precisely why we have experts who specialize in writing your SOP essays for you.

These experts make it their duty to ensure that your precious college profiles aren’t compromised and give it their everything to deliver nothing but the best. These essays reflect who you are as a person and how you can be an asset to the university you have applied to. So fret not. They have got you covered pretty well.

What is a Statement of Purpose, and Why Is It Important?

Suppose you wish to submit your application to a particular university or college. In that case, you must list down your ambitions, achievements, goals so that the admission panel can evaluate you well and review your application better. You must coherently explain what drives you to join the university and opt for the program/course you’re opting for. A Statement of Purpose is essentially a letter of intent exhibiting your various personality traits, what motivates you, your beliefs, and your knowledge of the subject. It is a vital part of the entire application process and must not be taken lightly. You should invest a reasonable amount of time and think while writing your Statement of Purpose to maximize your chances.

A Statement of Purpose gives an insight into your skills, goals, and talents and why you would be a good fit for the university. You are essentially pitching yourself and your purpose to the admission panel, so ensure it is as impressive as possible. A good SOP goes a long way and, in some cases, may also compensate for low academic scores. A weak SOP immediately makes the admission panel sense a lack of driving force in the applicant.

What is Essay Writing?

Essay writing is a complicated task because lies in your mind are the stress and anxiety to get admission in the University you are aspiring to get admitted in. Essay writing services prove to be an asset for all the blooming minds who want to achieve a goal in life, and thus, pen down their achievements, attributes as well as their goal of choosing the particular University over innumerable options available across the globe.

Essay, should in the best way include all the points that can help you get admitted in the University, and make sure the tone of essay is a perfect blend of personal and professional thoughts.

What is LOR?

As the name suggests, a letter of recommendation is a letter of reference that recommends a student or employee on their behalf. It helps better understand the applicant by offering a third-party point of view. It is an integral part of the admission process as it exhibits the candidate’s positives. A good LOR verifies the candidate’s suitability and eligibility and offers a brief insight into the strengths and accomplishments. It also helps establish the applicant’s credibility by backing all the points they have mentioned in their SOP essay. While writing a letter of recommendation, the author must consider establishing their relationship with the applicant. They must also offer an accurate assessment and observation of the candidate.

Benchmarks: Points of Difference

While both the agencies are experienced, there are certain points to consider amidst SOP Consultants and Estorytellers, where they differ:

1. Quality

SOP Consultants offer a wide range of SOP Counsellors that guide applicants in every single step of SOP writing. They draft the SOP precisely according to your needs by customizing it and thoroughly checking it. They also offer a team of editors and proofreaders to ensure that the essay is free of faults or loopholes. They offer their valued opinions and advice on various aspects of the SOP essay. Hence, they ensure that the quality is never compromised.

Estorytellers has often been touted as the number one SOP writing service. It also enjoys a global reputation. The professionals work all day round to curate SOPs tailored accurately to the clients’ needs. The writing skills of these professionals are immaculate, and even after writing the essays, several thorough rounds of revisions are conducted to make sure the SOP is flawless. Aside from considering their client’s needs, they also pay attention to the requirements of the respective universities to make sure the format and structure of the SOP tally with what the university is looking for.

2. Cost Efficiency

The cost structure varies for different SOP writing services. However, there is usually a price range where you expect SOP writing charges to fall. For SOP Consultants, the cost structure varies according to the level of professionalism offered by the consultants. Typically, a basic SOP written by an SOP Consultant will cost INR 1500. If you enlist a professional with experience of 3-5 years, the price can fall anywhere between INR 2000-INR 3000. A high-value professional will charge INR 5000. It is always worth investing in SOP Consultants since you will reap the benefits later. Think of it as an investment that will yield a considerably high amount of interest a few years down the line.

Estorytellers offer nothing but the best, which is reflected in their pricing. They offer only experienced professionals who have nothing less than ten years of experience, hence their charges may be a bit higher than other services, but it is worth it. Their costs range between INR 1500-5000. These are said to be the best competitive rates. But, does it even matter after all something higher does pay off, and without any doubt, works good as well!

3. Accessibility

Estorytellers rank high in terms of accessibility and availability. They offer customer service 24*7, which practically means that their team of experts is going to be at your beck and call, listening to your needs and queries. They immediately revert and bridge the gap between clients and professionals. Simultaneous doubts are effectively channeled through WhatsApp and Skype channels. They also have a highly efficient support system.

SOP Consultants are always available when you reach out to them and often deliver the SOP essays to clients before they are even due. Experts at SOP Consultants are highly considerate of their clients’ needs and requirements and always ready to help them. You can be assured of delivering their services even at a few hours’ notice.

4. Reliability and Credibility

Estorytellers build their reliability and transparency by keeping the process as straightforward and transparent as possible, right from the beginning. They waste no time and jump right to the paperwork to prevent delays for the clients. It is also noteworthy that all their content is plagiarism-free, which is why clients can be assured that their credibility is maintained.

The experts at SOP Consultants are said to be pretty prompt at work. They will meet all urgent needs within 24 hours at most. You don’t ever have to worry about not meeting your application deadline once your essay is in the hands of SOP Consultants. They quickly respond to all your needs whenever you reach out to them.

5. Number of Revisions

Experts at Estorytellers and SOP Consultants constantly revise their essays to make the content error-free and meet the client’s and university’s requirements. Be guaranteed that your essay will pass through numerous expert hands before it is finally approved. They deliver nothing but the best and never fall short on their promises. Even after multiple revisions, if the client sees it fit to change something they do not like, the professionals will follow up.

Estorytellers is prominent to adjust themselves according to the need of the customers and do all the corrections required in a free of cost mechanism, hence, if you have any doubt striking you at the back of mind, do share it, they will surely help you out.

Key Takeaways

It is common knowledge that SOP essays play a vital part in the college application process. They are a deal-breaker. Owing to this, it is of utmost importance that your SOP essay is immaculate and speaks volumes for you. It is always a good idea to enlist the help of professionals in undertaking such a pivotal part of your college applications, something which could even decide your future.

Both Estorytellers and SOP Consultants have numerous achievements to their name; their reputation precedes them. Both happen to be equally good in their ways and differ only slightly. Before deciding which professional service you wish to take, one must learn about the pros and cons of each and then make an informed decision about which one suits them the best. At the end of the day, investing in the right services for the right cause pays back. Hence, we advise you to give a thought once again, and choose the service which is the best in all ways!