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Professional Writing Services in India: Review of Content Writing Services

Professional Writing Services in India

When it comes to promoting a brand, the content is significant. With so many other companies handling the same brand, having dependable content reviewing support will help you stand out from the crowd by keeping your content up to date. You can be sure that your customers will be more loyal to your brand if you provide quality content. Professional custom writers have always aided various firms, allowing them to thrive and expand their brand’s sales potential. The primary concept behind this content review is to showcase some highly experienced and professional writing services in India, offering service to overseas clients. From SOPs to product reviews and web content, these professional writing agencies have widened their wings into different areas of writing. 

Different Types of Writing Services

1. Copywriting

Copywriting is the process of writing short content to sell items and services, such as web pages, promotional materials, ads, and blogs, among other things. Copywriting services are a type of inbound marketing that plays a vital role in delivering material tailored to the campaign’s needs. It allows viewers to understand more about both the company and the brand.

2. Creative Writing

Businesses must use creative writing to effectively express their story and engage with customers. Poetry, fiction, songs, speeches, and other forms of creative writing are among them. A brand-conscious company may develop a compelling and convincing product narrative to increase client engagement.

3. SOP or Letter of Motivation 

A statement of purpose, also known as a letter of intent, is one of the most essential and in-demand academic writing done for students. It is also part of the immigration industry and is written for acquiring a visa. SOPs are a form of an essay written on behalf of students seeking admission to overseas universities. Professional writing services offer SOP writing done by experienced subject matter, ensuring students get admission to the respective university. Another essential document is the personal statement that many universities require and an SOP.

4. Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading in the writing process cannot be overstated. Misspellings, punctuation, and grammatical problems can all be identified and corrected with editing. Professional proofreading services are essential for businesses that produce material in-house or want another set of eyes to ensure error-free content. Editing services help businesses maintain brand consistency, allowing customers to trust and believe in the products and services they’re buying.

5. Technical Writing

Technical writing is about documenting professional texts in an easily understandable manner while describing the nuances mentioned in the document. Manuals, catalogues, end-user documentation, tutorials, and other types of technical writing are examples. It is necessary to know the relevant sector and professional vocabulary when drafting technical documents.

6. Ghost Writing

The term “ghostwriting” refers to a writer who creates content for someone else without taking credit for it. It can be a website post or blog, novels, or biographies. Ghostwriting services allow a company to save a significant amount of time.

Reviewing Top 5 Writing Agencies

1. Bloggism

Bloggism is one of the most well-known article writing services globally, with services available in various fields. It also offers internships in writing programmes to help grow and improve writing skills. Bloggism prioritizes quality and professionalism to give the best services available. It is advantageous since it provides a thorough comprehension of the topic and activities that guarantee that knowledge is maintained throughout the course. Each piece of article undergoes multiple levels of checks, ensuring the final product is error-free and plag-free.

The content writing service company has provided customers with the highest-ranking material boosting businesses over the years, resulting in client happiness and repeat business. Moreover, they offer customizable content packages so that clients can save enough money through their service. Bloggism, over the years, has established itself as one of the largest and most skilled businesses in the industry. Bloggism engages in different types of professional writing services offered, including- blog writing, web content, email writing, case study writing, business proposal writing, newsletter writing, and SOPs. Undoubtedly, they provide highly researched and curated content, but it comes at a price that you won’t mind. 

2. Taletel

Taletel is one of the leading professional content creation companies based in Ahmedabad. It’s a place where you can locate the material that keeps customers interested all the way through. The agency is backed by a team of creative authors who are youthful, skilled, and knowledgeable. They want to provide you with more than just plain, dull information. Prepare to be wowed with engaging and compelling content. With a team of more than 20 experienced writers, editors and operation managers the goal is to deliver top-notch details and seamless customer service. Press releases, SOPs, LORs, blogs, emails, and other types of material are among their services they offer to their B2B clients including SMEs. 

Writers put themselves in customers’ positions and write what they want to read. This allows the developing of content that speaks straight to the hearts of your customers, based on our priority of telling stories. In writing content and context both matter. They use the appropriate words in the proper context that makes the readers think and act. They create simple material to read and comprehend for your entire client base that will keep your clients loyal to you. Over the years, Taletel has earned positive reviews for its quality assured content work which attracts clients not limited to India but global. Taletel follows the basic customer-friendly steps to have a long-term friendly business relationship. 

3. Estorytellers

Estorytellers is one of the leading professional content writing and marketing firms. They have a team of more than 50 writers and editors and have been in the business for more than five years. From SOP to blog writing and email writing, they engage in all types of content work. They strive to provide a high-end service for the content to fulfil your expectations. They’ve kept the costs low, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying for the content. They also give excellent customer service via WhatsApp and Skype at all hours of the day and night. One of the most significant aspects of essays is that they must be plagiarism-free.

Transparency, Reliability, Quick Delivery, and Cost-effective Price are some of the features that make Estorytellers a professional writing agency. Being Write Right’s subsidiary company, Estorytellers is India’s highest-rated and reviewed content writing agency. Getting content written for your company can be difficult, but with professional writers’ help, they can convert it into a magic light. They have worked with students and young professionals to improve the appearance of their SOPs, LORs, and resumes. Over these years, Estorytellers have worked on creating content for industries like health, fashion, real estate and others. 

4. Write Right

Write Right is yet another leading professional content writing agency with years of experience. It is founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi, a prolific and India’s most trusted writer and author. It’s a rapidly expanding Indian writing agency that serves businesses of all sizes. They can assist you with content creation, advertising, and marketing. When it comes to content creation, Write Right delivers quality work in ghostwriting, social media material, academic writing, blogs, SOP, LOR, and various other services. They employ a group of writers who place a premium on quality above quantity. It can make a massive difference if you choose the right content for your company.

Write Right is a full-service content writing agency that can help you with all of your brand and business’s unique, narrative, plagiarism-free material. Clutch has recognized Write Right as the best among the most acceptable content writing agencies in India and overseas. Write Right’s 5 years of service have grown every day thanks to delighted clients and aspiring companies. They have extensive knowledge of search engine optimization and industry best practices, which can help your website rank higher in the search engines as a content writing agency.

Write Right is customer friendly agency. You may contact them, and they will provide you with the top deals. They are aware of your needs and provide personalized services tailored to match them. The result is unique, high-quality work that is devoid of plagiarism.

5. Kalam Kagaz

The SOP/ LOR professionals at Kalam Kagaz have provided flawless and outstanding LORs to various clients as one of the excellent content writing organizations. The agency has a team of experts to provide clients with the highest-quality resumes, SOPs, cover letters, and LinkedIn profiles. From the start, Kalam Kagaz pledged to give the best service possible, from resume design to cover letter creation. With the bunch of professional resume writers are qualified and skilled. Building a solid LinkedIn profile will assist you in improving your social status. Do hire Kalam Kagaz to enjoy the 360-degree resume writing and profile-building services.


With this, we have covered all the significant and top professional content writing agencies that you can consider hiring for the SOP, blog writing, web content, or any type of content service you want to get done.