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Honest Reviews of 3 Considerable Content Writing Firms SOP Pro Vs Taletel Vs Write Right

3 Considerable Content Writing Firms

Since most things have been digitalized and the pandemic has occurred, small businesses, startups, and industries are also establishing their presence through online marketing, where authentic and engaging content is required, and thus the content writing field is expanding as well. There is a plethora of content writing agencies on the market these days, and I’m writing an honest review of three popular content writing industries.

“Content marketing falls under the umbrella of the digital marketing sector,” says Bhavik Sarkhedi. To cut to the chase, digital marketing is the way of the future. Print media’s importance is dwindling. As a result, it’s critical to keep up with the latest trends, and I’ve always tried to stay competitive in the content marketing industry by assisting brands and businesses digitally as a Content Consultant.

Bhavik Sharkhedi is an Ahmedabad-based entrepreneur, professional content writer, digital maker, and author who began by writing personal diaries and progressed to becoming a professional content writer and author. He is the founder of Write Right, Estorytellers, Taletel, KalamKagaz, and Bloggism, all of which specialize in content writing and creative writing.


SOP Pro is a content writing firm based in Delhi that specializes in SOP writing. SOP stands for “statement of purpose” in order to gain admission to universities, colleges, study programs, or as a visa applicant.

An SOP is a professional statement of a few hundred words, written in order to be chosen for the selected initiatives. Sop Pro is a firm with a team of 45+ experienced SOP writers who assist applicants with phenomenal writing in order to showcase the applicant’s profile in the most deserving manner all over the world.

Sop Pro assists Indian applicants but also international clients, as India has the highest number of applicants for visa sop applications for the country of Canada.

They provide a wide range of writing services, including college statement essay writing, personal statement writing, letter of motivation, intent, SOP editing, and LOR writing. They also provide SOP services for visas such as student visas, visitor’s visas, tourist visas, scholarship visas, PR visas, and internship visas, among others. SOP Pro also provides SOP visa services to Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Aside from writing services, they also have their SOP courses in the education field, such as SOP for MBA, Bachelor’s/UG, Masters, Ph.D., and Engineering, with their various streams.

SOP Pro, based in Delhi, is completely dedicated to writing web content for India and efficiently providing SOP services with the ability to fulfill their clients’ dreams. SOP Pro is a company that offers SOP and LOR services. Writing an SOP is a difficult task due to the large amount of data that must be presented clearly and concisely. An SOP is a representation of a person’s personality in front of a university admissions committee. It is an opportunity to impress the committee by demonstrating the profile strength that academic documents cannot cover.


Tell your story. Amazingly, Bhavik Sarkhedi established an advertising service firm and content writing agency in Ahmedabad that specialises in blog writing, content writing, website writing, advertising copy, technical writing, and SOP writing, as well as various micro-writing areas such as brochures, catalogues, taglines, and slogans, newsletters, e-mail writing, e-book writing, novel writing, social media Ads, and many more.

Content creation service on the web. With our online content writing service, you can bring the quality of words to your audience. You don’t want your clients and customers to become bored with what you have to offer. Our approach is to put ourselves in the apparel of your customers and write about what they are engaged in. Following our priority of telling stories, we create content that speaks directly to the hearts of your clients. 

Taletel has collaborated with a variety of brands and companies, including TCS, Bajaj, Entrepreneur India, and others, and has been recognized by Startup India, Google Better, and Quora-fied. 

Taletel offers its packages for various writing services, such as resume writing, rejected visa sop, LOR, website content, blog writing, extra word services, and so on. Taletel is a content writing agency with 20+ mind-bogglingly creative writers who serve their beliefs in exceptionally efficient ways, allowing the writing to tell its nebula story magnificently.

Taletel was founded to provide the best resume writing services to improve management skills at a specific level. The resume is an important factor in getting a job, and because they are known for their high-quality standards and professionalism, they collaborate with the client to provide the best service possible. Aside from resume writing services, Taletel also provides creative articles, blogs, and LOR writing services, among other things.

As important as the SOP and resume are the letters of recommendation. The majority of clients or students who demand SOP and resume writing services also request LOR writing. Taletel’s professionals pledge to provide their clients with best-in-class LOR writing solutions.


Bhavik Sarkhedi has established yet another writing firm, WriteRight, which provides a 360-degree solution for web and digital content writing services based in Ahmedabad. It is also India’s fastest-growing and highest-rated company. WriteRight has been recognized as a Best Content Writing Agency and a Top Content Writing Services Provider by Startup India.

Clutch and Good firms were recently named Write Right, a team of 50+ skilled writers, the best content writing agency. Mindsnoop, IIMSkills, Kandra Digital, and many other companies have named WriteRight as one of the top three content writing services companies in India. This content writing company is proud to be a partner with over fifty businesses and aspiring agencies.

WriteRight offers high-quality content writing services that include professional blogs, e-mail, academic writing, creative content and copywriting, website and social media, product review and description writing, and so on. They also provide services in a variety of industries, including automobiles, entertainment, gaming, fashion, health, real estate, marketing, sports, fitness, etc.

WriteRight has made history by ranking among the top three writing agencies in the country. WriteRight’s vision is to provide the best content with the highest quality and authenticity in a short period across the country. Their unique feature is creative thinking. Their team has the potential to play with words and perform magic; they are indeed the best option for creative writing.

When it comes to writing services, these agencies offer a wide range of content writing services in a variety of industries, with some specialising in specific areas, such as SOP Pro, which provides valuable SOP and LOR services above and beyond the clients’ expectations; Taletel, which stands out for their extreme level of team efforts and commendable experience; and WriteRight, which makes every effort to understand the customers’ requirements and personalise their services.

When it comes to choosing a suitable firm for your work, business, or other purpose, some parameters must be considered, such as:

  • The firm’s expertise is the amount of experience a firm has in your requirements.
  • Affordability is the primary and most important factor in selecting the right one; most companies have their own pricing packages for various types of services.
  • Specifically, the firm must be able to meet our requirements within the time frame and budget we specified.