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Hire the Best Ghostwriting Services in India [ Updated 2024]

Best Ghostwriting Services

Nowadays, ghostwriters are far more famous than any famous personalities worldwide. Do you know why the writers are being called ghostwriters?

Ghostwriting refers to having a document written on your behalf by another writer yet taking credit for it. The public assumes you created the information, but it was created by someone else. This is why the writer who writes the content is called a ghost.

Let me tell you some exciting facts about ghostwriting.

  • Ghostwriting is considered to be the world’s oldest profession.
  • It has almost certainly existed for as long as writing has been.
  • Christy Walsh, a law graduate, turned journalist, and cartoonist widely regarded as the first sports agent, created the phrase “ghostwriter” in 1921.
  • The unnamed ancient authors who documented and may have edited or embellished their predecessors’ oral stories can be called history’s first ghostwriters.

Ghostwriting is not just an occupation but a responsibility to deliver quality and meaningful content to the public and simultaneously satisfy the author’s needs and requirements.

Now the question arises, do we have the best ghostwriters in India who deliver quality content on time and are experienced and trustworthy?
If yes, then who and where are they?

This blog will answer all these questions and introduce you to India’s best ghostwriters. So, without wasting any more time further, let us get started.

Ghostwriting- the pillar of writing.

Ghostwriters are their clients’ confidantes. Committed to confidentiality and living anonymously, they let their words do the talking. We may need to find the author’s name behind some of our favorite pieces. Since they do not get any recognition, these writers demand a premium. They are generally hired for various forms of writing, such as blog posts, website content, book writing, article writing, etc.

Ghostwriting services in India are confined to English and cover Bengali, Urdu, Tamil, and much more. With no work to show as theirs, they usually rely on many client referrals and testimonials. They have no claim over the royalties and awards earned by the clients for the work.

A skilled ghostwriter correctly conveys the client’s voice while implementing their academic goal. Here are the four stages to properly leveraging a ghostwriter.

  • The first and most critical piece of advice is locating a fantastic ghostwriter. They must write in a manner that sounds like you. Ask someone who has published a book or check the acknowledgment book pages if you like to discover an excellent editor or ghostwriter.
  • Employing a ghostwriter monthly can help to establish a successful partnership. They’ll be invested in producing in your style, developing ideas, and producing books and articles you’re proud of regularly. Their efforts will make you appear to be a content-creation machine, guaranteeing that your notions and ideas reach a broad audience.
  • To ensure the success of your connection, determine how you will get material to your ghostwriter. You might create a Dropbox or Google Drive account to distribute podcast content, etc. In between meetings, you might leave them voice notes. Create a strategy for routine checks and how content will be edited if the ghostwriter is generating 100,000-word work, so you are aware of something that departs from your expectations.
  • This is a collaborative partnership between you and the ghostwriter, so participate in it with understanding and respect. Establish a regular meeting schedule with your ghostwriter. This is especially critical if you are being interviewed for your content. A partnership approach with a ghostwriter can mean you double your published word production with minimal effort. You will establish your reputation and have a regular supply of content that demonstrates your expertise and improves your profile with a ghostwriter as your trump card.

Best Ghostwriters of India

Finding the best ghostwriters for your content is not child’s play.

What; do you not believe me?

Just Google it; best ghostwriters in India, and you will get around 2,51,00,00,000 results to search from.

Investigating everyone is not an intelligent person’s act. So, based on the research and public reviews, I have bought the list of the well-known ghostwriters of India, writers in whom the public has faith.

Let me begin by elaborating on every one of them.

Write Right

When we talk about the best in the writing field, no one can compete with India’s best and internationally recognized agency, Write Right.

Write Right was founded and owned by Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi in mid-2016. It has grown tenfold since then and continues to expand. Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi is an entrepreneur and a renowned writer who wrote world-famous books, such as the unproposed guy, will you walk a mile, the weak point dealer, etc. He has not created an agency but a team of experts and professionals who made this agency the best-ghostwriting agency in India with their hard work and talent.

Write Right offers a wide selection of content services customized to your specific requirements. They are well-versed in ghostwriting and write material pertinent to your intended audience because they have years of experience in the domain.

You can write targeted articles with the assistance of the company’s authors. This agency has worked on various technical and non-technical novel writing projects and always looks for new chances. If you have a book concept you want to make a reality, you will visit the correct website. They have collaborated with many professionals and influencers from many industries to mold their ideas and help them gain an author’s credibility.

Write Right’s ghostwriters are well-qualified and knowledgeable about various digital forms and text contents, allowing them to quickly compose books, novels, tales, articles, or reports that are officially the client’s property. The original authors retain ownership of their writings. An author hires ghostwriters to assist and coach them in editing, polishing, and developing the work into a user-friendly shape. Other content writing services offered by this agency include blogging, email writing, e-book authoring, etc.


Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi also founded this agency. As one of India’s most compelling content firms, it designs projects to meet clients’ needs while adhering to rigorous timelines. Due to its 100% customer satisfaction, the company quickly rose to the top of the content industry. Taletel, an Ahemdabad-based agency, gets the finest ratings and reviews in India for content marketing and writing. Taletel is quickly becoming one of the world’s top ghostwriting agencies. Professionals at Taletel specialize in creating high-quality content.

Consumers find fascinating content at this agency that will keep them intrigued throughout. A professional team writes the content of writers. The organization intends to offer you more than just the old, uninteresting stuff. Be prepared to be wowed by fascinating and compelling information. Over 20 of their experienced writers are specialists in their fields, and they strive to create high-quality, unique writing. The company creates blogs, emails, press releases, etc., forms of writing, works in several categories, and writes fiction and non-fiction. This agency professionals analyze the client’s needs and develop a strategy accordingly.

Another attractive feature of this agency, apart from being the best ghostwriters in India, another attractive feature of this agency is that they assist students in writing their SOPs for various overseas programs and optimize their portfolios for a better chance at interviews. They have a 100% rate of success with SOPs. They employed the best and most skilled ghostwriters in their agency.

Orange Publishers

Orange Publishers is India’s most extensive self-publishing business. With over three decades of customized publishing and printing business experience. Orange Publishers provides one of India’s best-ghostwriting services. They offer a much more personalized service.

Their premium ghostwriting service is specific to the customer’s requirements. They provide deeply committed ghostwriters who will directly contact you whether you want to write a fiction or non-fiction book, children’s storybook, autobiography, etc. They will aid you in putting your ideas into words without claiming credit for it. If you want to be a published writer, use the knowledge of orange publishers’ ghostwriting services, which provide guaranteed, unique, and well-researched content. They offer more excellent written content in a new and creative manner to pique the reader’s interest. If you want a high-quality book ghostwriting service from professional authors, they are the right place for you.

Orange Publishers’ attractive feature is that their offerings cater to SEO, an essential element of creating any material. They are high achievers who perform significant studies to take your material to the next level. Because of their knowledge, this agency understands SEO on a whole new level. They have developed partnerships by learning the ins and outs of SEO, so they understand how to create material that will be recognized and appropriately ranked in search engines.

Because their ghostwriters are adequately trained and devoted to writing, proofreading, and researching for their clients’ articles and blogs, this business serves as a one-stop shop for all of your writing needs.


Another remarkable contribution by Mr. Bhavik Sarkhedi in the form of another best-ghostwriting agency in India, Estorytellers. Their ghostwriters develop innovative and imaginative text in editions and webpages to arouse readers’ curiosity in the works of the attributed author. Because Estorytellers know people’s reading goals and interests, they have a staff of skilled ghostwriters at your disposal.

They effectively combine their authors’ writing skills with their proprietary writing methods to constantly offer outstanding writing solutions that meet the client’s requirements and communicate well with the audiences who read them. If you seek a ghostwriting service that reflects your persona and writing style, estorytellers is the appropriate fit. They ensure that the writer’s voice is consistent with your viewpoints while not jeopardizing the creative writing process.

They distinguish its services because their ghostwriters supply creative content for many books, including fiction, non-fiction, websites, etc. They require various editing, research, specialized material, and time. As a result, their price is reasonable so everyone may take advantage of this service. They are the ultimate killer in ghostwriting sector. Their crew consists of over 100 ghostwriters and editing staff members, all working tirelessly to ensure that the final result is of the finest quality. Estorytellers takes pride in providing unlimited adjustments on all contracts to ensure client satisfaction.


So, there you have it; a list of the best-ghostwriting services providers in India. Ghostwriting is the profession of ultimate responsibility, so choose wisely and carefully. I hope this list will endeavor all your needs and requirements. Hire their ghostwriting services and share your experience of working with them.