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5 Professional Resume Writing Services in India in 2024

5 Professional Resume Writing Services in India

Hello!! Job Hunters. You might have studied for years, worked for months, gradually enhanced your skill set and cracked some mock interviews. Now is the time to send in your job application with a Resume and a cover letter.

Your educational qualifications, work experience, skills, and credentials need to be distilled and designed into a Resume. This document will briefly introduce you to prospective employers, drawing you closer to the hope of a personal interview.

So what do recruiters look for in a Resume?? Is there any standard format?? How to draft an outstanding Resume??

Well, the pointers hold the answers to these questions. Check them out!!

Standard Format

The first impression that can be formed on your resume is through its format. The resume needs a brief introduction, your Unique Selling Point (Highlights) and contact details (action plan).

There are three resume formats: functional reverse chronological, and hybrid. By far, reverse chronological is the most sought-after resume format. In this format, your resume starts with your achievements and developments accomplished recently and slides backwards chronologically. It gives recruiters a taste of your recent accomplishments sliding aside pre-graduation scores and years.

A functional resume strikes quite the opposite as it seeks to highlight your skill set. It discusses your skills first and your work experience next. There are both pros and cons to choosing this format.

It is suitable for fresher and long work gaps resumes. You may try to prove your eligibility for the job depending on your skills, even though you lack the work experience to back it up.

But this resume may backfire if the recruiter is keenly looking for highly experienced candidates.

Do you want the best of both worlds?? Then go for a hybrid resume. Blend the reverse chronological and functional resumes to get a hybrid resume. State your latest achievements and professional skills equally to make your resume stand out.

Professional language and tone

A resume does not require much content. It does not require lengthy paragraphs or heart sobbing stories, or flowery language.

The key to the resume is presenting yourself for a job or position. You need to state how and what makes you fit for the job. And this needs to be done professionally. Don’t use informal sentences or tone. Run a spell and grammar check before you hand in the final document.


This word might have puzzled you. Don’t worry; you don’t have to do Google Keyword ranking. Recruiters have less than a minute to glance at each resume. So they possibly skim through the resume for some keywords.

And your task is to feed your resume with proper and apt keywords. SofSoftills, work experience, references, previous employers, achievements, and action words(accomplished, upgraded, spearheaded) are some of the keywords recruiters try to find in your resumes. When you highlight these keywords, the recruiter knows where to look for and what to find. If chosen wisely, the keywords can deliver you a compelling resume.


Imagine a recruiter receiving hundreds of applications for a few positions (say 5). The recruiter can’t possibly interview hundreds of candidates. So a better way is to filter down the resumes.

Now, this is made easier for recruiters. Through Application Tracking System (ATS), countless resumes and job applications can be scanned and filtered based on criteria.Now the challenge upon you is to not only create resumes that impress recruiters but also receive the green light from the ATS software.

Customized Resume

Imagine handing in a general data analyst resume for a public policy data analyst post. This doesn’t sound like a good idea, does it??

A one size fits all resume may not be up to the mark. It is an era of specialization. Due to an overload of applications, recruiters only look for the best. If you do not wish to retire early from the job quest, create a customized resume for each job application. Read the job opening carefully, and understand the work demands and description. Assess its suitability and then finally send in a resume showing your fit for the job or position offered.

Why go for a professional resume writing service??

A resume may seem like a simple and single-page document. All you have to complete is your professional details and apply for the Job.

But there is more to it. It is the art of selling your professional skills in less than a minute (with a single page) to stand out among the job crowd. So it’s much more challenging and vital than it seems.

So when you doubt building such a resume, go for a professional resume writing service.

What do professional resume writing services offer??

Fixed delivery schedules

Once you send in the necessary details, you get a fixed delivery date for the resume. Most professional resume writers deliver the copy within 24 to 48 hours. Rest assured, you can concentrate on other essential things in your job hunt.

Editing services

Professional resume writing services come with free or paid resume editing services. Once you receive a draft resume, you can call back for any edits or changes you deem necessary. (But be quick, free edits are offered only for a fixed time)

Review services

Apart from drafting and editing, resume review services are also offered. If you already have a draft resume and need a professional opinion, choose a reliable resume review service. It can help to add value to your resume.

ATS friendly services

Most professional resume writing services offer to draft ATS-friendly Resumes. Professional resume writers know the nearest criteria and keywords to pass an ATS scan.

If you are applying for a crowded job, consider sending an ATS-friendly resume by teaming up with professional resume writers.

All types of Resume Writing Services

Professional Resume Writers offer fresher, more experienced, C Level and even Executive Resume writing services. You can choose the service that suits your career graph.

Auxiliary services.

  • What if you need a compelling Cover Letter to introduce your resume?
  • What if the job demands an additional Letter of Recommendation to consider your application?
  • What if you need a Curriculum Vitae (CV) to help navigate Career Change??

You don’t have to panic. Professional Resume writers offer LORs, CVs and Cover Letter writing services.

Which are the top 5 Professional Resume writing services??

Here are the top 5 Professional Resume Writing services in the business. Read, browse and finally, choose your Resume Building partner.

Write Right

Founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi (One of the top content writers ranked by Google), Write Right is a 360-degree Content services agency. If you are looking for ‘quality per word‘ within respected timelines, then Write Right can be a great resume builder.

With six plus years of experience, Write Right has drafted countless top-notch resumes with 1000 plus verified reviews and customers.

Kalam Kagaz

Kalam Kagaz is a professional content writing agency. It specialises in Resumes, Cover Letters, LORs, SoPs and CV writing services. With a team of 25-plus experienced Professional writers, you can receive your first draft within 24 hours.

Once you provide the necessary details, an expert writer will be allotted to work on your Resume. And guess what?? All the resumes are ATS Friendly!!!

Its Fresher Resume Writing services start from INR 2499.

Resume for 2-6 years of experience INR 3499
Resume for 6-12 years of experience  INR 4499
C-Level Executive Resume  INR 6499
Letter of Recommendation INR 1499
LinkedIn Bio and About Description up to 450 words  INR 2099
Cover Letter For Jobs INR 2199


As a top content services agency, Italics offers everything, Resumes, Cover Letters, CVs, and LoR writing services. It doesn’t matter if you are seeking a job within the country or internationally; Italics offers objective and market-targeted resumes suited to your needs.

Here is the procedure to get your job done; visit its site today and submit your resume requirements. You will receive a price quote and further plan of action within the next 24 hours.

Apart from being a job hunting site, offers online resume writing services. It offers text, infographics and visual resumes. The usual delivery time is within eight business days. You can choose express delivery and super express delivery at extra cost.

The maximum number of iterations and revisions offered is 2(Note: The delivery time increases with the number of iterations). offers a free Cover Letter for every Resume ordered.

Check out their site for free resume samples and paid resume makers.

LinkedIn Profinder

Linkedin Profinder helps you find freelance professional resume writers. Once you submit your Resume request, you can receive up to five bids from Resume Writers interested in taking up your work.

You can check their work, samples, and price quotes and, finally, choose your resume-building partner.

Check out the link to find the best resume writers and their work samples. Negotiate your deal today!!!

Now you know what Recruiters look for and what professional writers offer!! You even have a list of the Top 5 Professional resume writers in the business.

Well, it’s time to choose your resume-building partner who can present you best for your dream job!!