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Write Right Vs Contentholic: Transparent and Reliable SOP Writing Services Review

Reliable SOP Writing Services

A statement of purpose (SOP) is one of the most important documents having the ability to make or break your prospects of being accepted to the university of your choice. It is typically a 1200 word or longer document, as required by the university, which provides a full review of your previous experiences as a researcher or student, emphasizing the elements relevant to the course you are applying. It demonstrates your interest in the discipline you desire to study and why you chose a specific nation or university.

There are majorly four vital aspects considered when creating an SOP:

  • Who you are?
  • What you’ve done professionally and academically so far?
  • Who or what has been your major influence?
  • Where you plan to take your career from here?

What makes SOP Important?

Your SOP is one such document that holds much importance than other document sent for the admission process. It allows you to demonstrate your eagerness to study, demonstrate your worth, and explain why you are the ideal fit for the course.

Here are some SOP preparation tips followed

1. Making your SOP Stand out

As previously stated, your SOP can significantly impact your chances of acceptance to a specific university; therefore, you must create your SOP so that it shows your goals, viewpoints, level of interest in the course, and a brief account of your background.

One crucial point to address in your SOP is the reason to choose the country and that specific university for the course. Students majorly prefer going to countries like the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, etc. There will be two sides to this: why you chose that particular country and university. To satisfy the admissions committee, you must provide genuine support in your SOP.

2. Under Graduates Presenting their Skills

While writing about their former experiences, undergrad aspirants must highlight their whole personalities. As an undergraduate, you should write about how your school and involvement in extra-curricular activities have influenced the development of your entire personality. Academics aren’t the only thing that matters in a student’s life, especially at the college level. Most institutions want their undergraduate students to participate in extra-curricular activities and groups. As a result, they tend to seek out classmates who have had similar experiences in the past.

3. MBA Aspirants Creating SOP

SOP for MBA is quite an essential document to prepare. Consider all the experiences that will highlight the following aspects of your personality: leadership qualities, team skills, diversity in education/occupation, professional and personal achievements, basic business understanding, presentation skills, and motivation, among others, before writing the SOP. The keywords listed above will assist you in shaping your SOP and persuade the admissions committee of your application. It is not necessary to embellish on school time facts in your case.

4. Perfection in the Grammar Section

Since you are applying for overseas universities, you need to be perfect when it comes to the grammar of the SOP. Whether you are hiring an agency or writing by self, you need to ensure the grammar and complete tone of the SOP is perfect. It also depends on the university and the country you are applying to. Professional SOP writing agency ensures that each line is checked and there is no error in the document. 

5. Following the Ideal Word Limit

The university typically determines the length of SOPs, and it usually ranges from 500 to 1000 words. If your university does not indicate a word limit, strive to stay under 1000 words. In any case, do not write more than 1200 words. Keeping it short and to the point is what you should follow.

6. Start with an attention-getting Paragraph

The admissions committee is interested in learning more about you. Beyond the stats and grades, they want to see you. Your Statement of Purpose should reflect your personality (SOP). At any given time, the admissions committee reads more than 40 SOPs. The opening few lines should grab their attention. Your statement of purpose (SOP) is your initial point of contact with the admissions committee.

7. Don’t go for too much Information

Any professional SOP agency won’t recommend in-depth details of the aspirant while drafting the SOP. Share data relevant; for example, talk about your chosen field of study, area of interest, etc.

8. Use of extra-curricular activities

Whether theatre work, sports or administrative work at cultural festivals, mention every activity you participated in. It would help if you also mentioned how it changed your perception. Suppose you have been part of the management committee at any of your college’s Technical or Cultural Fest that can also be mentioned and will certainly add more weightage to your SOP.

9. No undue flattery

Professors and faculty members come with full awareness of the high standard of education the university offers. The university wants to know about your goals and what you can contribute to the table. Remember, your SOP is about describing you, not exaggerating the university’s and faculty’s qualities!

10. Take in more feedback

After you’ve decided on a draft for the SOP, have it evaluated by as many individuals as possible. You don’t have to take or include everything that’s spoken to you. Trim it down to what you think is appropriate and get rid of the portions you don’t like.

Common Mistakes in SOP

There are many reasons why SOPs get rejected by the authority:

1. Delay in the Submission

Students frequently postpone writing the SOP or essay until the last possible moment. They often end up with nearly faultless essays and can be found in admission guidebooks. Finding the one distinguishing characteristic for your SOP after multiple sessions can be challenging, not to mention wending your way through a sea of Dos and Don’ts. Then there are the first, second, and countless draughts for the SOP, which can be exhausting. Students have to go through so much during admission, and the stress takes over, and they end up missing work on the SOP.

2. Not up to the mark

Another primary reason behind the cancellation of the SOP is the less attention to detail and formatting. If the committee doesn’t find it worth it, then the SOP is highly likely to get rejected.

Choosing between Contentholic and Write Right:

Write Right

One of the leading SOP writing agencies, Write Right, can turn a standard procedure into a model document. They also go above and above to ensure that your order is flawless. They are committed to removing any potential flaws from your SOP so that it is understandable, frictionless, and ready to fulfil the highest committee requirements and criteria. 

After a thorough evaluation of the student’s profile and future aspirations, each SOP is constructed from the ground up. They are prompt and are aware of the importance of meeting deadlines. As a result, they can supply SOPs on time regularly.

Some of the features of Write Right are-

  • They also create incredible documents that are professional and well-crafted.
  • When applicants apply to universities outside of their home country, academic qualifications and quality are not the only factors.
  • The first stage in writing an SOP is determining the sort of university to which the student has applied. It’s critical to look through the university’s alumni database.
  • Before writing and writing appropriately, they advise students to read over past samples or submit any samples.


As one of the industry’s most recognized statement of purpose writing services, Contentholic ensures to consider every element of your requirements. They pay attention to every detail provided and create your essay without abandoning your individuality and personality if you collaborate with them on it. They offer a variety of SOP writing services to satisfy the needs of all candidates in terms of SOP writing and other related documents.

They hire some of the best SOP writers, all of them have the essential knowledge and skills to create the best SOP for you at a fair rate and within the time limit, you specify.

Some of the features:

  • They ensure that every SOP they write consists of stated standards. They do it by putting in place various controls and procedures that ensure the SOP’s quality stays unaltered.
  • The majority of their clients consist of students or recent graduates seeking admission to their dream schools to complete their degrees. They’ve come up with cost-effective pricing solutions that stay within their budget while retaining excellent quality.
  • They have created a staff with these attributes to ensure their clients obtain the best SOP writing services. SOPs are written by innovative, talented, and experienced authors.


Hiring the right SOP writing agency is a vital investment you as a student need to do. Their experts will recommend the best prescription for you based on your profile. Their editors have long recognized and perfected the art of modifying SOPs. They adjust each SOP based on the demands of the understudy. Furthermore, their standard operating procedure (SOP) is adjustable, which means that if something needs to be altered, it will be done according to your instructions.