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Taletel Vs Professional Writing Services: Which Is Better SOP Writing Company

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When was the last time you wrote something about yourself? Was it in school? This is the period when we are naive enough to write something about self. When you were asked to write “About Me,” you wrote about your career dream, things that make you unique among others, and other aspects of yours. Of course, it is a hurculean task to write about yourself when your writing skills are average. While in school we don’t get into the thought that after a certain age when seeking admission for higher studies in overseas universities, we will have to give a detiled account of our academics and career. If you have decided to pursue a student visa and admission to any overseas university, you will have to present a well-crafted SOP (Statement of Purpose).

The application process for higher studies in overseas universities entails a lengthy checklist that will necessitate gathering and a massive pile of documents. There is, however, one need to gather thoughts and ideas and put them down on paper: your Statement of Purpose, or SOP.

What is an SOP?

The SOP (Statement of Purpose) is your mission statement, and it’s a draft where you present about yourself to the admission committee as first impression. An SOP should be between 500 and 1000 words lengthy (in some cases even more), where you can distinguish yourself from other applicants.

The Statement of Purpose acts as the personal statement to the admissions board, and it should emphasize your dreams, aspirations, and personality. Remember that admissions authorities go through hundreds and thousands of Statements of Purpose and can examine yours with the speed of a psychologist. You might be good at explaining yourself verbally or in a short text, but expert assistance is needed in writing a full-fledged SOP. 

The Statement of Purpose should be able to give a clear picture of the following things– 

  • What motivates you to pursue graduate study? 
  • A reason to choose the subject
  • Work experience in the respective field 
  • What do you hope to achieve with the education you will receive?

Statement of Purpose isn’t limited to your admission requirement but presents your hobbies, skills, etc. In other words, the authority wants to check if you are worthy enough to become well-known alumni of the college/university. SOP acts as your past, present, and future chart. 

Outsourcing your SOP

As mentioned above, SOP needs an expert mind and understanding, which is only possible by an experienced writer. Outsourcing the job to an SOP writing service can prepare a well-crafted document that will help you create a lasting impression on the admissions committee.

Professional SOP writing services carry a fair understanding of what it takes to produce a powerful SOP. Moreover, there is an increase in the chance of getting admission to your listed university. Once you outsource the work, you will obtain a sample of a statement of purpose from a potential writing firm to verify its efficiency and efficacy. 

Some of the reasons to outsource your SOP

1. Preparing a Quality Draft

The SOP writing company is backed by trained and experienced individuals that are meticulous in their SOP writing. As a result, they pledge to maintain the highest level of quality. Since they have linguistic skills and general awareness, they can write straight to the point. As a result, outsourcing support helps you ensure the highest quality level.

2. Solid Introduction and Conclusion

Not every student or working professional seeking admission in overseas university carries the skill of good storytelling. When it comes to SOP, a solid introduction is a gateway to the easy flow of the rest content. You might be a good reader. But writing is an art form that necessitates focus to create an intriguing SOP. Your application will be rejected if you produce weak introductory paragraphs; however, professional writing services have skilled authors. They have written hundreds of SOPs. As a result, they can craft your SOP with magical phrases that are difficult to ignore.

3. Drafting in Formal Language

SOP is a complete professional tool for admission, and it shouldn’t be in the form of informal language. As a result, it needs to be in a formal language using appropriate word selections. However, applicants who apply at the last minute employ informal language, which impacts their college applications. On the other hand, using professional writing services eliminates the use of informal language. They know how to end your SOP in the right tone because they’ve written for years.

4. Error-free Draft

You cannot afford to send an SOP full of errors in every department. This will put you in a wrong impression. Hiring an SOP writing agency will take care of this area and ensure the final draft is error-free. There is the least chance that writing services fail to deliver the best SOP. Also, there are times when a document requires revision due to incorrect information provided by the applicant. In this situation, writing services will provide you with free error fixes. As a result, you can rest assured that writing services will always be there for you when you need them.

5. You can concentrate on collecting documents.

Since you are already under the pressure of writing an SOP, you will need assistance that can take care of the same, and you can concentrate on collecting documents. There is a list of the documents required to present to the university. Handing the job to a professional SOP writing agency will help you concentrate on other aspects of the admission.

6. Plagiarism-free document

Approximately 90% of applicants finish their SOP in the last few minutes. As a result, with less time on their hands, students rely on the internet to complete the job. However, they overlook the fact that they are generating plagiarized content. This necessitates the creation of SOPs/LORs that are 50% identical to others. As a result, your document becomes repetitious, and its individuality is lost.

University admission authorities have a tool to check if the content is original or copied. If found copied, your application will get rejected.

On the other hand, using expert writing services will help you avoid plagiarized content in your SOP. Professional writers create your SOP from the ground up, ensuring it is as original as possible. As a result, professional writing services should always be used to develop your SOP.

Comparing Taletel with Professional Writing Services

When you look for a professional SOP writing service, you will come across many names, but the most common one is Taletel.

Taletel specializes in SOP writing and provides various forms of content writing services. However, the service prepares SOPs for all MBA applicants who wish to seek admission to a top university. The team will supply you with something to improve your chances of being accepted into prestigious universities.

Taletel is backed by a team of expert writers with several years of experience. They are adept communicators who know how to say the appropriate things at the correct times to convey a person’s personality. In addition, some editors guarantee that each content is free of errors and plagiarism. Furthermore, expert copywriters run your material through numerous software programmes and tools, before sending the final copy. Compared to other SOP writing services, Taletel emerges as the leading service provider at present. What makes Taletel worth compared to other SOP writing services is they have carved the niche in this genre. 

Authors are familiar with your criteria, why you need to be picked for the respective course, your academic interests; your professional and academic highpoints that can help you stand out from the crowd, etc.

Another vital aspect to remember when framing an SOP is transparency, which means that you know who is working on your SOP and can contact them directly. Not every SOP writing agency offers transparency, and having complete transparency will eliminate the possibility of communication breakdowns and can work miracles. The writer collaborates with the student at Taletel to examine the primary data that should be included in the SOP, and the process is quite open.

Taletel has worked on SOP for Masters in Engineering, students seeking admission in Australia, Canada, and USA, for Ph.D. admission, and student visa. Taletel has earned positive reviews for its quality and transparent service.

Other reasonable and professional SOP services are-

Write Right

Write Right is a technical, marketing, and non-technical writing agency with 4-years of experience in the field. Write Right offers 360-degree web content, advertising material, and marketing solutions to small businesses and angel-funded start-ups.


It is a group of content writers who are both young and seasoned. The team of Estorytellers is dynamic and presents high-quality work. They’ve generated content for diverse audiences and helped students and young professionals improve their SOPs and resumes.


SOP is a vital admission tool, and to make the reader get impressed with words and thoughts, it becomes vital to connect with a professional SOP writing agency. We have covered the basics of Taletel and other writing agencies.